VOTES  was created in 2002 and  
incorporated in 2009, by two Marines  
who had a vision to unite all Veterans
and their families, along with  friends
and supporters of Veterans and
provide them with the support and
care that they deserve.

Thanks to that vision we now have
thousands of members in  Chicago
and  across the nation who have  
united together to build a better future
for all. We are dedicated to all veterans
and  their families, and to those who
support our veterans. With over five
thousand members we are currently
the largest veterans organization in
Chicago. If you would like to receive
more information or  inquire about
membership you can email us at You can
also make a donation using your
Paypal account.
Veterans of the
Earth Society
Links for Veterans
Links for Veterans
Current U.S.
Senators from
Tammy Duckworth
and Dick Durbin.
Chicago , Illinois
Find your U.S.
The White House
Misericordia believes that all people, especially children,
—disabled or not—should have the opportunity to be
meaningful members of their community every day. Each
resident at Misericordia works closely with support staff
to develop an annual plan to reach individual goals.
There are many elements integral to leading a happy
and fulfilling life, and Misericordia is dedicated to
addressing all of these in each resident’s personal plan.
All of us at the Veterans of the Earth Society believe that
helping people,and  children is a top priority for us. That
is why we chose Misericordia as our charity of the year,
and that all proceeds from our bowling game will go to
Misericordia.  Thank you for your Support.